Why I Love | Cover FX

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We’ve all come to love Cover FX. They have built quite the reputation for amazing products but oh there’s more!

Not only is Cover FX PETA Certified, which means they took a cruelty free pledge, they are also a vegan makeup brand. They have only two products that are not vegan out of a long, expansive line of cosmetics (MintTint and MintGlaze). But the most impressive accomplishment to me is how inclusive their foundation shades are. They offer over 40 inclusive shades for all skin ethnicities.

For those conscious beauties who are also conscious about the ingredients they put on their skin, Cover FX is truly good for your skin. You can feel confident knowing you are wearing a product that is non toxic, and NEVER contains the inflammatory five: Parabens, fragrance, gluten, mineral oil or talc.

Cover FX is ideal for sensitive skin and individuals with skin conditions like rosacea. What is sensitive skin? People with sensitive skin usually suffer from acne, redness, stinging, tightness or itchy skin. Be very careful with what you use on your skin as some products help and some definitely don’t. Certain skin conditions cause redness and irritation, discoloration and exreme sensitivity. Don’t fret! There is makeup that can help! As you saw in the above video you can get the coverage you want without causing skin conditions to get worse. You can also use products to soothe and protect sensitive skin.

Here are some amazing Cover FX products to soothe, protect and cover any skin difficulties you may face.



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